Craig Gwladus Country Park

One of many walking trails within Craig Gwladus

Craig Gwladus is a country park located circa 2 miles north of Neath, adjoining Cadoxton Terrace on one side and Neath Golf Club on the other. The Park is 1.8km long and 300m at its widest point, but rises 150m (500ft) in height from 25m (80ft) above sea level.

It is an ancient replanted woodland consisting of a mix of indigenous beech, oak and birch into which Japanese and European larch were introduced.  Formerly managed by the Forestry Commission the park is now owned by NPTCBC and is considered to be an area of natural beauty providing a haven for wildlife, Birds and flora, and is well used by local people and visitors to the area.



Friends of Craig Gwladus

Sue Evans, Secretary




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A footpath to view point

View from across the Neath Valley of Craig Gwladus Country Park